"Carmen is a genius when it comes to identifying a problem, designing a sustainable strategy and making sure it's executed successfully"
Cheryl Payne, Resilience Group

Here's what you will learn in the upcoming session



Clarity around your strategic goals and the impact of that within your role and the overall organisation.



Dive deep into the some of the challenges that may be holding you back and inhibiting the companies performance.



Identify gaps in the strategic plan that will help us uncover any missed opportunities or shortcomings.



Give you a breakdown of our unique process and show you how to implement it to achieve your goals.


Who's Carmen Williams?

As the founder of Strategic Action Consulting Carmen brings over a decade of knowledge and experience helping CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Founders of medium and large scale organisations get crystal clear on the strategic direction of their company, reach their potential and successfully implement organisational change.

At the core of everything Carmen does is an unwavering mission to equip leaders and their teams with the tools, resources and systems necessary to create lasting change that will ultimately lead to a healthier workplace.

Carmen believes that at the heart of organisational performance is the need for both systems and people to work with one another in order to create a meaningful result well beyond her time at the company.

Using her unique 3 step approach to strategic action Carmen works with organisations to help them get clear on their outcome, dives deep into some of the challenges that may be inhibiting the companies performance and from there she builds a roadmap on the exact steps necessary for companies to achieve their strategic goals.

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